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TELE TEC was founded over 20 years with the principles to supply products of the highest quality, to support them with the best possible service, and to ensure that every product is unbeatable value for money. Today's quality, value and service are still very much the philosophy TELE TEC work to.

We manufacture to order and according to customer's specification, and have to capacity to work on high or low volume orders. TELE TEC has worked closely with R&D department of our customers to design and manufacture prototypes. We focus on continual improvement in the quality and value of our products and services. You receive the highest quality products, delivered on time, and 100% tested and inspected.

Our technical and engineering department is teamed with several experts with background and job experiences in cabling production. We supply and meet whatever you need in the field at rapid speeds. Just give us your full specifications and exact requirements. Or tell us your concept, purpose or application, and we will design the product according to your exact requirements.

In the future, as we look to develop new market opportunities, we will adhere to maintaining the highest standards as our business foundation. We are committed to renewing our manufacturing equipment to achieve higher efficiency. Externally, we are tracking new market trends and developing the necessary new products to meet market needs.

▪ Contact Information

                                           TEL: 0769-87313055

                             FAX: 0769-87313059

                           地址: 廣東省東莞市清溪鎮大利管理區




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